Artificial Green Wall Transforms Urban Area

2018 got off to a great start for Green Envee with the installation of this artificial green wall in London’s Notting Hill. Find out about the challenges and solutions in this blogpost.

Green walls are rapidly becoming a landscape design essential.  A  green wall can transform an area from being bland, industrial or utilitarian into a green oasis. We know that the colour green is perceived as being restful. Indeed more most of us, green invokes a sense of luxury, wealth, success and wellbeing.

Living plants however have certain requirements which means it’s not easy to sustain them in all situations.  They need some degree of natural daylight, decent ventilation, soil, drainage and water.

Which leads me on to the challenges faced by our clients in Notting Hill, West London.

A challenging site needs a different kind of approach

security fence before green wall panels are attached

As you can see from the photographs, this was an industrial looking building. It’s actually close to a residential area and without disrespecting this very sturdy, practical piece of architecture….it wasn’t attractive.

The clients wanted to first of all, block the view through the security fence. It’s a sad fact that most businesses nowadays need to hide their assets lest they are spotted by opportunist thieves. The existing fence afforded a good view of the premises and that needed to change but without compromising security.

Secondly, the clients wanted to give a better impression of their Company. Every business needs ugly areas for production, storage, loading and unloading etc. But we none of us want those areas to be the first thing a client or a stakeholder sees when they approach the building. First impressions count.

Lastly, that old bugbear, budget comes into play. You can see in the pictures that there is no soil, no obvious water source and limited working space.  Those are all big issues for most kinds of landscaping. You don’t need soil to build a solid wall – but you do need time and space.  A living green wall or a hedge would be lovely here, but both of those options would need a continuous source of water and a reasonable amount of maintenance.  When utilities like water need to be brought onto site – budgets go sky high.

The lack of soil could be overcome by using planters but those would encroach onto either the pavement or the workspace inside the fence. So not only were budget, water and soil in short supply, working space was too.

Artificial Green Wall Panels provided the perfect solution

green envee green wall panels

The solution was to use artificial green wall panels from Green Envee.  These high spec panels are incredibly realistic and offer the same visual benefits as living plants. However, as the panels weigh just 7Kg each they were quickly and easily fixed to the security fence by Green Envee’s registered fitters.  The work took less than 2 days which suited the clients’ budget very well indeed.


Maintenance for these panels is minimal. They tolerate any level of sunlight. Don’t need soil, don’t need water – in fact they don’t even need to be outdoors! Imagine the wow factor of a green wall in a reception area or an office!

The finished artificial green wall

The end result was one very happy client; Their premises  immediately appeared more opulent and local residents  were delighted with the improvements to their area. So for a minimal budget, this client bought increased security and a whole lot of good PR.

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