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Artificial planting solutions have improved immensely in the last 2-3 years. Faux plants are now more realistic, more environmentally sensitive and more affordable than ever before. Find out more in our FREE lunch and learn meetings for design professionals

Artificial planting solutions are becoming more popular with architects, interior designers, garden designers and landscape architects and for good reason. They’ve improved immensely in the last 2-3 years. Gone are the coarsely fashioned stiff plastic “leaves” that turn blue in the sun. Faux plants are now more realistic, more environmentally sensitive and more affordable than ever before. And there is an enormous variety to choose from. The Directors of Green Envee are offering FREE lunch and learn meetings where you can review case studies from around the world, see and feel samples of modern day faux plants and brainstorm ideas for using artificial planting solutions in your own projects.

You supply the venue and Green Envee will supply the lunch. All you need to do is contact Richard and Odette on the telephone number below to arrange a mutually convenient time.

sky lounge artificial green wall

Monaco and Paris artificial green wall panels bringing a touch of opulance to this skylounge

Meeting your clients’ brief is now easier than ever

Green Envee Director Richard Bickler has worked in the landscape industry for over 25 years. His landscape design and build business created some stunning gardens in its two and a half decades of trading.

As a garden designer and landscape gardener, Richard found that educating clients in the care and maintenance of living plants was a vital part of his job. TV programs and magazine articles are great for inspiring clients but don’t explain that the majority of living plants just cannot be maintenance free, thrive in the shade, have no water and be lush and green in the middle of winter.

However, with advances in technology, it is now possible to replicate all of the aesthetics of living plants, with none of the maintenance challenges. Both client and designer can be free with their creativity knowing that by using artificial planting solutions it is perfectly possible to create stunning and sustainable displays even where the conditions are not suitable for living plants.

Quality artificial plants for longevity and low maintenance

Green Envee only offer the very best quality artificial plants. They are realistic, both in appearance and to the touch. All of our plants are UV stable and low maintenance. And, in the unlikely event that you get fed up with them, they are fully recyclable too


faux planted ceiling

How about this for inspiration? Faux foliage suspended from the ceiling creates a talking point and completely changes the ambience of a space. This one is not quite complete so that you can see how simple the installation is. Can you imagine this in a green office? a restaurant? retail space?

For design inspiration, why not browse the bespoke section of the Green Envee website? You’ll find a whole host of images to fire your imagination. Including artificial green walls for indoors or outdoors, full sized trees weighing less than one tenth of their living counterparts and trailing plants to adorn your indoor ceilings and pergola roofs. We also have inspirational Pinterest boards. Just search for Green Envee.

Better still, when you book a free lunch and learn consultation with the Green Envee team, you will be able to see and feel samples of modern artificial plants. You will also be able to draw on the considerable expertise of Richard and Odette who will explain to you how artificial planting solutions can bring your designs to life.

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