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The Green Envee team are looking forward to meeting old and new clients at London Build Expo this October.  The exhibition takes place in Olympia on 23rd and 24th October and is the go-to show of the year for anyone involved in building, construction, sustainability, interior design and fit-out, housing and health and safety. Green Envee will be showcasing their artificial green wall panels with a giant wall in the Infrastructure  Zone & on our stand C4 which is in the sustainability zone.

Linking Interior Design to Sustainability

The word “Sustainability” has come to be associated with saving energy and reducing waste, but it’s so much more than that.  Sustainability is about making the most of spaces without damaging the environment or people. Sustainable practice is about creating beautiful places to live and work. Places where physical and mental health are supported, ideas can flow and sick days are rarely necessary.

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of greener offices. Green has long been recognised as a calming colour. And city based organisations are now learning from their country cousins that being surrounded by nature actually does help to reduce stress whilst increasing productivity.

Natural foliage can be difficult to maintain indoors or where there is a lack of soil and water.  When the maintenance costs more than the value created by the plants, they become unsustainable.  That’s where Green Envee products come into their own.

Artificial Green Wall Panels for unique and creative spaces

Green Envee’s faux green wall panels are self-sustaining. Our green walls don’t use enormous amounts of water, they don’t need to be kept at an optimum temperature. Neither do they require special lighting if they are to be used indoors. So although they help to create inspirational spaces, they don’t use precious resources. And yes, that does mean you can turn the lights off and the heating down when the room is empty.

Our artificial green wall panels, replica plants and faux grass bring the benefits of the countryside into the home and office. But without smells, insects or allergens. Maintenance is simple. Put the watering can away – you won’t need it. Instead the foliage needs an occasional flick over with a dry duster.

lash art office wall

Stunning artificial green wall at Lash Art near Newcastle

Want to make them even better? Team up artificial green wall panels with clever lighting and one of our scented oil dispensers. Infusing a room with the healing properties of essential oils such as lavender, jasmine and gardenia will lift and energise the people in it. Imagine how that could speed up decision making in the board room.

Are fake plants sustainable?

Some of the replica plants on the market may be dubious. But not ours.  Sustainability matters to the Green Envee team. We’re very fussy about the materials and labour used in our factories. That’s why every one of our products can be recycled. That’s assuming you ever get bored with them – which is unlikely.

Our manufacturers make sure that all products are UV stable. They won’t fade or change colour in direct sunlight. Another reason why you’ll never need to recycle them.  Green Envee’s green wall panels are also fire retardant.

Find out More

The very best way to see Green Envee’s artificial green wall panels for yourself is to pop along London Build Expo.

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If you can’t make it to the show, get in touch with Richard or Odette and we’ll make sure you can see samples as soon as possible. Better still, why not organise a lunch and learn session?

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