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Green Envee are very proud to announce the appointment of our US Stockist. The Vertical Vegetation Company Gardening, based in Indiana supplies green wall solutions across the USA.

Eric J Spangler heads up the organisation and has compiled an impressive product range. The Vertical Vegetation Company offers not only faux green walls but also preserved moss walls and living green walls for indoor or outdoor use.

Why install a faux green wall?

Eric’s passion is for biophilic architecture. Otherwise known as architecture for life. Human beings need plants and greenery for their very basic wellbeing. Not only for oxygen supply but for mental health, improved productivity and a better standard of living.

vertical vegetation

Science has shown that productivity increases by up to 15% when office workers are surrounded by plants. However, plants can be somewhat tricky to nurture in centrally heated or air conditioned surroundings. That’s where a faux green wall can help.

Benefits of an indoor artificial green wall

  1. No negative reaction to air conditioning or heating – faux plants are not fazed by temperature or humidity
  2. Virtually no maintenance (no one needs to remember to water or feed them)
  3. Light and easy to manoeuvre. Irrigation systems needed to support indoor living walls can be heavy, cumbersome and need structural changes to the building. Not the case for Green Envee’s green wall system.
  4. Green Envee wall panels can be used in conjunction with essential oil diffuser to aid well being for a building’s occupants.
  5. Faux plants will not irritate allergies or attract bugs

Benefits of an indoor OR outdoor artificial green wall

  1. No heavy soil, growing media or containers – ideal for use on balconies and roof terraces
  2. Irrigation is not necessary
  3. Great PR for organisations seeking to make an impact.
  4. You can adapt our standard 850mm x 850mm panels  to fit any structure and any design

synthetic green wall in salon



What’s special about Green Envee faux green wall panels?

Eric was impressed from the moment he first saw the wall panels.  “They look incredibly realistic” he said “even from close up. “I love the way the panels are constructed so that clients can change the arrangement of the plants. I also like the way anyone can swap or add in their own decorations to customise the design.”


How to contact The Vertical Vegetation Company

7261 South 500 West

Trafalgar, IN 46181

(317) 552.9062

Or, speak to Richard Bickler and Odette Walden in the UK who will be pleased to help.



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