Green Wall for Private Garden | Northwood, London

The Green Envee team was busy on Saturday 24th June In Northwood, North West London assisting a client of Arbour Landscape Solutions with the installation of our stunning Milan green walls.

The clients contacted us to come up with a solution to disguise a dull looking garden fence that is looked at every day especially from inside office within the house.

With access to sunlight, water and drainage proving difficult, the clients, who had seen our mobile garden van, decided that our living walls would be the perfect solution. They obviously do not need water, drainage and sunlight and as the fact they are virtually maintenance free was an added bonus.

Although we are a design & supply company we work closely with Architects, Gardens Designers, Landscapers and end users with recommended installers such as Arbour Landscape Solutions. However, our green walls are so easy to install it is just like hanging a picture. Each green wall panel comes with five heavy-duty hook fixings, which makes installation very simple.

Arbour Landscape Solutions arrived on site, and assessed the setting out of the panels in the given location. 14 green wall panels were selected and it took around 7 hours to install them. This included cutting down the panels to fit the smaller sections of the fence.

As you can see in the photos and videos of before, during and after, our green walls have made a massive difference to what everyone now sees inside out and outside the house.

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