Artificial Green Wall at Heathrow Novotel

Winter 2018 saw us working on an amazing artificial green wall project outside the Novotel Hotel at Heathrow Airport.

Our Milan and Rome artificial green wall panels were installed to create this amazing and eyecatching sign.

artificial green wall heathrow

green wall sign heathrow

Artificial green wall panels are light weight and so the sign needed no extra strengthening to accommodate them.  There is no need for irrigation, feed or pruning. The only maintenance this green wall will ever need is a quick sluice down with water when it gets dusty.

realistic artificial foliage

GreenEnvee’s green wall panels are made from recycled products and look surprisingly realistic. They are UV stable so unlike inferior artificial planting solutions they will not fade in the sunlight.

We can also visit your project to discuss your Superior Artificial Planting Solution needs. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and for more information.

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