Artificial Indoor Planting Solutions for Infinite Windows Showroom in Milton Keynes

A range of GreenEnvee’s indoor planting solutions have been used to enhance a window and door showroom in Milton Keynes. Showroom owners, Infinite Windows are more than happy to welcome visitors who are intererested not so much in windows, but in artificial plants.

artificial green wall milton keynes

Why use artificial plants in a retail environment?

The showroom in Milton Keynes is a typical retail environment where potential customers are invited to walk around at their leisure examining products and looking for inspiration. Products on sale are high value and normally sold after individual interaction with sales staff.

The use of artificial plants is not simply decorative. It contributes to the  decision making process.

Green plants and landscaping create a relaxing atmosphere. When potential buyers feel relaxed, the slow their pace and browse more thoroughly. They take time over their decision – and yes – they are more likely to make a decision.

artificial bay trees in milton keynes showroom

These artificial bay trees instantly turn a sterile showroom into something more reminiscent of a modern home. Customers can visualise how the product (in this case the doors) may look in their own home

box balls indoors

A pair of planters frames the products (the window) and draws attention to it.
Artificial box balls need no clipping, no watering, no sunlight and they won’t succumb to box blight. However, they do intice browsers to stop and ask “is it real”. Using tall planters brings the greenery into the eyeline.

artificial green wall

This artificial green wall encourages people to stop, stare and relax. Relaxed buyers find it easier to make a decision.

The beauty of GreenEnvee’s artificial green walls  is that they are lightweight, need no structural changes to the building and will not fade over time. They promote a feeling of luxury and opulance in keeping with the price point of the products on sale.

Using Artificial Plants to Increase Value

The art of merchandising is to present products in such a way that potential customers will value them.  Within a little, the sales setting gives buyers an indication of the expected price. So in a bargain warehouse, one expects to find bargain prices and possibly lower quality products. In an opulent setting, the buyer expects to pay a little more and recieve higher quality goods.

Lush green plants are an indicator of opulence and luxury.

High quality artificial plants will never wilt, never drop leaves on the floor, never attract bugs and never need replacing.  Your sales team will be able to concentrate on helping your customers rather than on watering the flowers.

indoor plants

GreenEnvee Artificial Planting Solutions in action. This striking bamboo brings a luxury feel to what would otherwise be quite an industrial looking wall.
In the background you can see a display of interestingly shaped artificial topiary with a single green wall panel mounted as though it is a picture.

For more information about Artificial Planting Solutions for  Retail Premises

The GreenEnvee team can help you to select the right artificial planting solutions for your premises. We have a wide range of plants, pots, flower arrangements and green roof panels for you to choose from. And if you can’t find exactly what you want, we offer a bespoke sourcing service.

variety of artificial plants

A selection of our artificial planting solutions. Our entire range is UV stable, made from recycled products and suitable for indoor or outdoor use

artificial flower arrangement

An everlasting flower arrangement from our bespoke range. Click here for more information

Help your shop convert more browsers into buyers with artificial planting solutions from GreenEnvee

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Visit the Infinite Windows showroom where you can see and feel some of GreenEnvee’s artificial plants:  Unit 51, Abbey Court, Alston Drive, Milton Keynes MK13 9HB


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