Superior Artificial Planting Solutions for a difficult site in London

GreenEnvee’s Artificial landscape solutions were used to transform an industrial looking building in London W11.  The addition of an artificial green wall from GreenEnvee solved a number of problems and improved the area for local residents.

This is what the client said of the finished project

“We approached Green Envee for solutions for improving the appearance of an area of fencing which formed part of a high end residential development. We were impressed with the ideas, the choice of products, ease of installation and ultimately the final result.”

The problem

The view of this unattractive building was not in keeping with the client’s corporate identity. It’s a very practical building but not at all attractive. Green Envee’s client wanted to develop a high-end residential site beside this building and needed to improve the outlook. Landscape solutions were being sought to  screen the building.

green wall before installation of panels
This industrial looking site in West London needed a facelift. But with no budget for major building works – how could this security fence be beautified?


Budget for this project was limited and certainly would not have covered the cost of groundworks or bringing enough water to the site to be able to support living plants. Neither would the budget have stretched to replacing the utilitarian security fence .

The solution

GreenEnvee’s artificial green wall panels offered the ideal solution for this site. The lightweight panels could be attached to the security fence. They are densly “planted” and able to obscure the view into the site, yet they are attractive and suggest opulence and luxury.

In this day an age, it’s a sad fact that finding ways to reduce haulage and labour costs is a constant battle.GreenEnvee artificial green wall panels weigh around 7KG each. That means they are cheap to transport and can quickly and easily be installed by a small team of workers.

We can also visit your project to discuss your Superior Artificial Planting Solution needs. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and for more information.

artificial green wall looking great

We’re part way through installation and the site is already radically transformed. Check out the floor – no mess! That’s pretty unusual for any construction or landscaping project!

artificial green wall offers landscape solutions

The green wall panels create a dense screen. In this setting, they look just like a living hedge and complement the architectural style of buildings in the area.

artificial green wall panels affixed to security fence

From urban industrial to opulent luxury. A fast and cost-effective make-over that will last for many years.

green envee green wall panels

A “flash” of artificial green wall panels inset into the rendered wall adjoining the fence offers a “designer” touch.

The finished artificial green wall

Spring 2018. The final green wall panels are added and the project is complete



west village W11

The reason for the artificial green wall. This new development needed an improved view. (The green wall is to the right of the photographer)

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