Bespoke Indoor Living Wall For Newcastle Office Complex

Online business LashArt  based in Newcastle have installed a bespoke, 60m2 green wall in their office complex in Newcastle. The bespoke wall features plants from the Paris and Monaco artificial green wall panels.

bespoke office complex artwork

Using green walls in interior design to reflect corporate identity

Lash Art is a high end retailer specialising in products for the beauty industry. As such, their office complex needs to reflect the company image of innovative and stylish luxury. What could show their personality better than a breathtaking green wall?

green wall in newcastle office complex

With the light playing upon it, this living green wall makes a fascinating art installation.

artificial green wall foliage

Close up of  green wall showing the lifelike texture and appearance of these quality artificial plants

Careful quality control gives long lasting results

One thing that Lash Art are very fussy about is quality control. They only offer the best products to their consumers and they were no less particular when in came to the interior design for their office complex.

Sustainability was a big issue for them. Not only did they want beauty in the form of varied textures and dense foliage.  They were keen that their green wall wouldn’t become discoloured by the light falling through their picture windows. GreenEnvee’s artificial plants are UV stable and so colour changes and fading are not an issue. Neither are the eco-credentials. These plants are made from recycled materials and they can themselves be recycled when no longer needed.

How to install an artificial green wall

The beauty of using GreenEnvee’s artificial green wall panels in an office complex is that they are lightweight. That means that there is normally no need whatsoever to make any structural changes to the building before installing them. Neither do they need water, lighting, temperature control, pruning or specialist maintenance. All that a good quality artificial green wall needs is an occasional tickle with a feather duster.

lash art office complex

In this case study, the builders took just under 1 week to install all of the panels. Their main issue was access as you can probably imagine from looking at the pictures. It’s interesting to note too, that these were builders – not landscapers and not horticulturists. Because the plants are not living, they do not need specialist installation or maintenance.

A small artificial green wall can normally be installed very quickly. Take a look at our installation instructions here.

Interior designers, landscapers and architects may visit Lash Art to view the green wall. Please make an appointment in advance. Contact details for Lash Art are available from their website

For prices and technical information, contact Richard or Odette at Green Envee

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