Courtyard Garden With an Artificial Green Wall in Harrogate

I love a small courtyard garden, but they are notoriously difficult to design and build. Typical problems include restricted access, low light levels and of course, space.

In this project, Greenenvee’s customer James Brunton-Smith of Outside Spaces garden design chose to use an artificial green wall for one side of this enclosed courtyard. James’s client wanted maximum greenery for minimum maintenance.

Contemporary product in a traditional setting

It’s interesting to see how well Green Envee’s green wall panels enhance buildings of very different ages and styles. Many of our exterior green walling projects have been on modern contemporary buildings. This however is a refurbished nineteenth century building with a modern extension added to it. It’s very much in the traditional Yorkshire style so much so that one can imagine a Victorian family living in it.

green wall install in courtyard

Work begins on the artificial green wall installation in this courtyard garden

artificial green wall harrogate

These colours work perfectly together. It’s easy to overwhelm a courtyard garden with strong colours, but this combination is just lovely.

faux green wall detail

Because our green roof panels are not deep there was no need to divert the existing downpipe to accommodate the foliage.





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