Easy care green wall for a roof terrace garden in Highgate

Summer 2018 and Britain is in the throes of the longest, hottest summers on record. Lawns are brown, shrubs are shrivelling and the ground is so dry that it is cracking. On this roof terrace garden in Highgate, Northwest London, all is verdant, green and lush.

The owner has been away and there has been no watering or irrigation. How is this green wall looking so good? It’s because it’s been created using artificial green wall panels from Greenenvee.

Back in June 2018, Allessandro and Al, our top green wall installers, set to work transforming this space for our client. 30 of our Milan and Rome green wall panels were installed using the fittings supplied. Work was completed in remarkably quick time and Director Richard visited the site later to add extra plants at the clients request – he wanted to hide the drainpipe.

green wall highgate installation

Work begins.  The wall on the right hand side of the picture recieves very little sunshine which means it is not suitable for a living green wall.

artificial green wall tools and fixings

Finished  roof terrace garden is a very beautiful and very private space

green wall garden roof terrace

The finished wall is barely visible from street level

artificial green wall foliage

Realistic replica foliage looks better than the real thing and needs much less maintenance

finished artificial green wall highgate

This video, presented by Green Envee Director Richard Bickler shows how realistic and beautiful faux foliage can be.

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