Green Walls for a Basement Spa in London’s Hampstead

A basement spa poses a number of challenges for plants. Find out how this new health and wellness clinic in Hampstead overcame the problems to create a lush green oasis.

There’s no doubt about it, swathes of shiny green foliage creates a feeling of luxury, wellness and let’s face it, affluence. But the minute those plants start to wilt, curl up or lose their colour, the effect is lost.

The challenges of growing plants in a basement spa

Living plants are quite fickle about their growing conditions. They need plenty of natural light, the correct temperature and humidity, a suitable growing medium, feed and water. Too much or too little of any of those things will be detrimental to their performance.

This business owner wanted to use plants in the basement spa to create the perfect ambience. However a basement spa is a difficult place to grow plants

  • No natural light,
  • Variable humidity due to steam rooms and jacuzzi
  • Limited space for pots and/or irrigation systems
  • High temperatures (lovely for us but not great for some plant species!)
  • Spa staff are not horticulturists and have neither the time nor the expertise to care for plants

How Green Envee overcame problems to help create a verdant oasis

Green Envee’s artificial green wall panels were perfect for this project. The interior designers and  business owners were sold on the idea after meeting our Directors Richard Bickler and Odette Walden and seeing samples of our panels

Our Rome and Milan panels need no natural light, no irrigation, minimal maintenance and they don’t mind how hot, cold, or humid the environment is. Neither do they mind the smell of  pool-cleaning chemicals that are inevitable in this situation.


basement spa green wall with artificial green wall panels. 2 doorways are set into the wall

Artificial green wall panels are light weight and need no reinforced supporting structures. (see our installation instructions here).  Green Envee’s panels have particularly dense “foliage” as standard which makes them extra luxurious.

The interior designers chose to clothe the Interior walls with Green Envee’s Rome and Milan artificial green wall panels.  I think you’ll agree they look really rather lovely. I for one, can’t wait to see the spa open for business.

More information about our green wall panels here

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