Light Well – Turning an essential element into a fabulous feature

The light well is a sadly neglected area of lots of basement flats and offices. In this article we show you how it could be transformed from tedious to tantalizing in as little as 2 days.  Read on……

This basement in  London relies on a light well for natural light. It’s a great feature, but before the Green Envee team got to work, it didn’t provide much of a view from the window. Looking onto a brick wall is hardly inspirational and it contributes nothing to the viewers’ wellbeing.

The challenges of improving a light well

This light well is deep, it’s a narrow space and only catches the sun for around 1 hour a day.  From a sunlight point of view, the bottom of the light well is quite deprived. It would be difficult to grow any kind of plant here – in fact I think even ferns would flounder.

Cluttering up a narrow space like this with plant pots would be a design disaster. To maximise the amount of light coming into the building, the space needs to be minimalist. It could have been painted – but a plain wall is just as boring as a brick wall and it would soon get stained in this kind of environment. Also potentially damp conditions and paint rarely make good partners.

The client was keen to green up the area and bring not only colour but texture into the space.

How Green Envee improved the view from the basement window

Take a look at these images.  Green Envee’s light weight artificial green wall panels have been fixed directly to the wall of the light well. Work took 2 people 2 days to complete so it was relatively quick and definitely mess-free. There was no paint sloshing around, no growing medium to carry through the building and no muddy footprints. Minimal disturbance too – our green wall panels are easy to hang and there’s no need to insulate or reinforce the structure to prepare for them.

basement light well with green wall

Lush faux foliage creates a sense of luxury and wellbeing. It makes the view from the window far more interesting and because these artificial green wall panels hug the wall and are slim, they don’t diminish the amount of light bouncing into the building.  Ventilation around these panels is good – they don’t exacerbate any dampness and of course there are no tendrils or roots to penetrate the masonry.

artificial green wall shown from above showing the width of the green wall panelsSlimline artificial green wall panels take very little space but look much thicker than they are.

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