Replacement Green Wall for Garden | Muswell Hill, London

The Green Envee team were asked by Garden Transformations to visit one of their clients in Muswell Hill with a view to replace an existing Green Wall that was falling apart less than a year after it was installed.

The Green Envee team visited the clients three weeks ago. The clients fell in love with the green walls on display within the van. An order was placed the following week and installation scheduled in by Garden Transformations.

The Garden Transformations team completed the change over on Wednesday and to everyone’s delight the installation was as easy as promised and only took 4 hours for two men.

Our four green walls are 85cm by 85cm and come with 5 hook fixings to make installation easy indoors or outdoors. Products either have a steel mesh backing and some also have the option of a plastic backing.

For more information or any questions call the office on 02038931110 or contact us.


Here is a link > To the Garden Transformations website.

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