Stylish Office Planting in Hoxton, East London

Artificial planting solutions – for a green office that doesn’t need watering

Managing office planting has been a dilemma for almost as long as offices have existed. Whilst green surroundings boost productivity and wellbeing,  office conditions are rarely ideal for plants.

Plants are quite specific in their need for UV light, correct amounts of water, humitidity, temperature and nutrients. Plus, to create a fabulous display of office planting, you need big plants and big planters. Those are heavy! They are difficult to bring into the office (imagine transporting several bags of compost through the lobby and into the lift).

The compromise is to use replica plants. They don’t need water, they don’t care about lighting or air conditioning and they won’t outgrow their space. Neither will they wilt or die and sit in the corner looking sorry for themselves.

That’s exactly the thinking behind this artificial plant display in this new office complex in Hoxton, East London.

The large, highly decorative planter seperates the work space from the breakout space. The planter is filled with light weight fire retardant materials which are cleverly hidden by a layer of polished black pebbles. Greenenvee have supplied faux plants that have been specially selected to give great contrasts in shape size and contours. In nature one would never see a fern thriving beside a thick leaved succulent – the two need very different growing conditions. In this situation though the designer was able to play with different leaf types and enjoy the contrasts between them.

The client wanted to create a beautiful, stimulating space where wellbeing is supported. Greenenvee were delighted to have been invited to help create the space and, at the risk of sounding smug, we’re very pleased with the results.

For more information about  office planting  using replica plants, contact Richard and Odette


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