Vertical Landscaping With This Artificial Green Wall in Northwood

Tackling the challenge of vertical landscaping

Vertical landscaping is more fashionable now than it has ever been. The Victorians and Edwardians loved their climbing plants. Wisteria, Virginia Creeper, Climbing Roses – you name it, they loved it.

21st Century vertical gardening about all year round colour and protecting the structure of the building from root damage. Green walls are popping up everywhere and they look amazing.

Not every building is suitable for a living green wall though. The main barriers are the weight of the buildup, inadequate access for maintenance, lack of sunlight and unsuitable water supplies.

This restaurant in Northwood, North-West London, is a prime example. The restaurant owner wanted to draw attention to his signage.  He opted for a display of our Milan green wall panels. Lightweight and easy to install, the panels will look good all year round. They are UV stable and can tolerate everything the British weather has to throw at them.

restaurant signage before vertical gardening

With no external water supply, limited space and difficult access for maintenance. The only practical vertical gardening solution for this building is lightweight artificial green wall panels

northwood restaurant

Before the Green Envee Team begins work. “Milan” artificial green wall panels have been delivered and are ready to be cut to size and raised into position

The green wall panels for this project needed to be trimmed to size. Here’s how it was done

vertigal gardening with artificial green wall panels

The completed project – doesn’t it look amazing?!


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