£75.00 per square metre

Our London composite decking is a hollow mid-grooved decking with real wood grain effect. Available in four colours. Charcoal, Light Grey, Oak & Redwood.

Suitable for garden and residential use including near swimming pools. Can be used with the groove side or solid side face up as preferred.

Comes with a 10 year guarantee. Supplied in 143mm x 23mm x 3.6m boards. Price includes VAT and excludes delivery.

Colour coded screws and aluminium frames with self levelling pedestals supplied optionally.  Please call us on 0203 893 1110 to order or get a quote online.

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Suitable Applications for London Composite Decking

  • This hollow decking product is suitable for residential and garden use including around ponds and swimming pools.
    • Can also be used in conjunction with the Solid Decking range for making steps and as a solid border or trim.

Composite Decking vs Traditional Wood Decking

There are so many benefits to this product vs the traditional alternative.

  • Child Friendly.
    • Anti-splinter.
    • Free of Toxic Additives.
    • Hidden fixing system.
    • Heat resistant.
  • Longlife.
    • Expected Lifespan of over 25 years.
    • With a ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee, you can be sure that your long life decking will see off even the worst of winters for many years to come.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
    • The boards are made from 95 recycled materials and are therefore an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Really Low Maintenance.
    • No need to paint, sand and seal each year.
    • Cheaper than conventional wood over time.
  • Easy To Install & Cut.
    • Consistent in size and shape.
    • Lightweight.
    • 2 Style Options on One board.
  • Vastly Out-Performs Wood, Whilst Maintaining a Wood-Like Appearance.
    • Slip Resistant.
    • Eliminates warping, splitting, woodworm and rotting.
    • Fungi and mould growth are drastically reduced over conventional lumber.
    • Consistent Product Colour.
    • Resistance to insect and termite attacks.
    • Low Water Absorption rate of approximately 0.5% whilst wood can be up to 100%.

London Composite Decking Accessories


To give your deck a finished edge we have trim available that will give your deck the perfect finish. This means that you will have a beautifully finished deck that will add style and sophistication to your outdoor area.


Hollow composite batons can be used for the base of the decking systems when installing the decking on a flat surface such as a balcony. They are not recommended for structural supports or for where a surface can be uneven.


We supply stainless steel clips, one bag covers around 2.5 square metres.

We can also supply aluminium decking joists and self-levelling pedestals for easy installation, get in touch for more information.

We can also provide additional or replacement fixings. Simply contact our team if you need to order any additional parts and we’ll be happy to help.

Additional information

Colours available

Redwood, Oak, Charcoal, Grey

Board Size

Each board is 14.3 centimetres x 2.3 centimetres x 3.6 metres. 2 boards = approximately 1 square metre of decking.


Manufacturers 10 year guarantee.

Baton Size

The batons are 2.2 metres x 50 millimetres x 30 millimetres.


Made from a composition of 95% recycled materials including 50% recycled wood and 45% recycled plastics.

We supply accessories for this product

Batons, Colour-coded decking screws, Self-levelling pedestals and frames, Trim


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