Scented oils



Green Envee has a fabulous range of 100% plant extracted scented oils. These are available in Jasmine, Gardenia, Mixed Flowers & Lavender and are suitable for indoor usage .

One bottle will last approximately 6 weeks if used for 24 hours per day and approximately 11 weeks if used for 12 hours per day.

We can also make bespoke scents for any other project or location you have in mind.


Pro-Diffuser and Evaporator £ 100.00
Delivery £ 15.00

Single bottle refills £ 30.00
Delivery £ 12.50

Special offer

Scented oils:

1 Diffuser & 1 bottle of Green Envee Scented Oil (scent of your choice) complimentary with all purchases of 11 or more of our Green-Walls range.

For more on our stunning range of scented oils please contact us or call us on 02038931110.


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